Developing Access to African Markets

AGEA offers market research and business advisory support for German businesses in developing access to African markets. Furthermore we organise trainings for individuals who want to be representatives for German or international companies in Africa. African students in Germany and Africa are connected with German companies via our Doing Business in Africa Events in order to support hands- on market development projects.

Our formats:

  • Export Manager Training (Brochure)
  • Startup Night – focus on African entrepreneurship
  • Market research for German companies interested in Africa

Support for Africa-oriented Start‑ups in Germany

Training, coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs and Implementation of entrepreneurship promotion in Germany. Through the SMILE initiative incubator, startups developed for Africa are supported to develop competitive business models. The businesses are registered in both Germany and abroad.

Examples of business:

  • Africa works –
  • Kolikowear –
  • Interns valley –
  • Oncaplanta
  • Akwaba Afrika –
  • Happy Cup –

Entrepreneurship Promotion in Africa

AGEA offers a training program for entrepreneurship facilitators in our partner higher educational institutions in Africa. The program is based on a concept for the establishment of university based entrepreneurship promotion.

We introduce well-tested coaching tools and mentoring approaches to support startups that emerge out of academic research and teaching. At the university of Leipzig SMILE applies those tools in 60 trainings per year. During the last 12 years SMILE has effectively assisted 450 Startups in Germany.

Our formats:

  • Trainer of Trainers workshops
  • Business Start-up Summer Schools
  • Conferences