AGEA Idea Competition 2020

Who Can Apply?

Are you an AGEA alumnus or a tertiary student in Ghana or Rwanda? Do you have an innovative idea to solve real challenges in your community or country? Then, we invite you to register and be part of the AGEA Online Idea Competition 2020.

Note that you can enter the competition as an individual or a team of up to three (3) members. If you apply as a team, each member must be eligible for the competition.

This Idea Competition is solely for Tertiary students and AGEA Alumni. Established entrepreneurs are not allowed to participate.

Presentation of the Idea

The following details will be required based on which the ideas will be assessed.

1. Idea description: What is the idea?

2. Problem Statement (background): What specific problem does the idea solve?

3. Objectives: Where are you now and where do you want to go with this idea?

4. Target Group: Who is/are the customer(s)/beneficiary of the solution?

5. Value Proposition: What makes your solution innovative? What is your Unique Selling Point of the idea?

6.Resources: What 5 key resources do you need to implement your solution?

7. Market Opportunities: What is the market potential (size and growth) of your idea?

8. Impact: What is the expected impact of your solution (poverty reduction, scalability, employability, global presence, minority inclusivity, commercial, social, etc.)?

Ideas will be assessed based on their relevance, innovativeness, feasibility, market sustainability, and impact.

Competition Stages

Stage I: Register and tell us about your idea – Follow the application link to provide details of your innovative idea.

Stage II: Evaluation and shortlisting – Submitted ideas will be assessed by the jury based on the evaluation criteria. The TOP 10 rated ideas (5 each from Ghana and Rwanda) will progress to the next stage.

Stage III: Develop a Promotional Video – If your idea makes it to the TOP 10, you will be supported to produce a promotional video. This is an opportunity to provide further insight to market the idea.

Stage IV: Selection of Top 3 Ideas – The promotional video will be presented to the audience on the Public Day of the Online AGEA Conference 2020 in October. 
The TOP 3 winning ideas will be select through a live audience voting process.

Why should I participate? (Prizes)

You stand the chance of further developing your entrepreneurial abilities and also win amazing prizes to help kick-start your entrepreneurial journey.

1. Certificate of Participation (Top 10)

2. Promotional Video (Top 10)

3. Mobile Tablet (Top 3 Winners)


Online Registration and Application: 10 August – 30 August 2020

Jury evaluation and shortlisting of Top 10: 31 August – 11 September 2020

Announcement of Top 10: 11 September 2020 (Due to some challenges, this will be done on 15 September 2020. Thanks for your patience)

Promotional video production: 14 September – 30 September 2020

Public Day and selection of Top 3: 13 October 2020 (14:00 – 15:30, online)

Join the Competition (Registration is now closed)

1. Register through the Registration Link to provide Individual or Team information.

2. You will then receive a link to the Innolytics Platform through email (please check your spam) after the registration process is completed.

3. Provide detailed information on your innovative idea on the Innolytics Platform.

Each Individual or Team should register ONCE and submit only ONE Idea.

Additional Information

AIC Flyer
Innolytics Platform Instructions


If you need any further clarifications or support, please contact:
Bismark Agyei Yeboah (email)
Isaac Duodu (email) – Ghana
Gonzalves Nshimiyimana (email) – Rwanda