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Welcome to the Network for Entrepreneurship Education and Promotion in Africa

African German Entrepreneurship Academy (AGEA) is a joint initiative consisting of a dynamic network coordinated by the International Small Enterprises Promotion and Training (SEPT) Competence Center at Leipzig University (Germany). The network collaborates with its dedicated academic and business partners in Africa and Germany. The aim is to promote cutting-edge practice-oriented entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurship promotion and start-ups and businesses development in Africa. AGEA contributes to improving graduate employability through the inclusion of a high level of hands-on training in African partner universities.

AGEA empowers Higher Educational Institutions in entrepreneurship promotion activities, especially entrepreneurship promotion initiative, encourages the establishment of vibrant university-business linkages and knowledge sharing between universities and business associations in Germany and African partner countries.


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Several start-up enterprises and projects have emerged to implement the ideas developed and nurtured during various AGEA project activities and interventions such as training, international summer schools, coaching and mentoring workshops, entrepreneurial idea competitions, etc. A number of these start-ups have become established businesses due to the support and opportunities provided through AGEA. We highlight a few of these start-ups as evidence of the impact (potential) of AGEA in unearthing and support entrepreneurship development in Africa and Germany.


Within the broader AGEA network, several projects contributing to entrepreneurship development in Africa are ongoing. Consistent with the collaborative spirit of AGEA, these projects are being implemented jointly with different academic and business partners in Africa and Germany. Unlike the main AGEA project with no specific focal area or industry of entrepreneurship promotion activities, these projects have focal topics, such as biodiversity, vocational training, information technology, education, etc. German public funds support these projects through the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).


Implementation of projects within AGEA has generated valuable resources in the form of knowledge and expertise in entrepreneurship education and promotion in Africa. These resources include research publications, handbooks, guidelines, training materials, subject-matter experts, etc., for managing or providing support to the entrepreneurship development processes. Though these resources might be context-specific, they can be adapted to different situations.

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1. Prof. Dr. Utz_Dornberger

Prof. Dr. Utz Dornberger


SEPT Competence Center
Leipzig University, Germany


Bismark Agyei Yeboah


SEPT Competence Center
Leipzig University, Germany

An energetic and dedicated team supports the activities of AGEA at Leipzig University and in the African partner-universities. The team is responsible for coordinating various initiatives and activities within the AGEA Network in Germany and Africa.


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