Our service formats: Trainer of Trainers, Business Start-up Summer Schools,
Idea Competitions, Coaching and Mentoring workshops, Entrepreneurship Conferences

Entrepreneurship Education
Promotion in Africa Universities

AGEA offers training programs for entrepreneurship facilitators in our partner higher educational institutions in Africa. The program is based on a concept for the establishment of university-based entrepreneurship promotion. Offers include capacity building to establish entrepreneurship and incubation centres, curricular development for entrepreneurship and innovation management, and trainers’ training, among others. We introduce well-tested coaching tools and mentoring approaches to support start-ups that emerge from academic research and teaching. The Self Management Initiative Leipzig (SMILE), the entrepreneurship promotion initiative at Leipzig University, has applied these tools in its training and has effectively assisted the founding of over 560 Start-ups in Germany over the last 15 years. SMILE is an invaluable resource capacity available to AGEA for supporting entrepreneurship development in Germany and Africa.

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Promoting African Start-ups

Through our idea competitions, entrepreneurship trainings and workshops and partner project activities, promising business start-up projects are identified and supported. Through our network of experienced coaches and mentors, AGEA matches the start-up projects with interested coaches and mentors with the experience and expertise to improve the project ideas and move it to the required next development stage (prototyping, marketing analysis, market-entry, etc.).

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AGEA Business Idea Competition

The annual AGEA Business Idea Competition provides students and AGEA Alumni in partner countries an opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial ideas. It serves as a platform for many young Africans to kickstart their entrepreneurial journeys. The main aim is to discover promising problem-solving business ideas generated by young African students and contribute to nurturing these ideas further for the market.

Applications are open in August for interested applicants to submit their ideas. Applicants share their ideas and prototypes, where available. A selected jury reviews the submissions, and a final shortlist of the top ideas made. The competition winners are selected through the jury or by public voting (digitally) on the final event day (usually in October).

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Support for Africa-oriented
Start‑ups in Germany

Through the SMILE incubator initiative, German start-ups developed for African markets are supported to develop competitive business models. The businesses are registered in both Germany and the target African country. Support includes training, coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship promotion in Germany.

Explore our Success Stories for more information on some successful businesses supported.